Full Stack Developer

Research & Development · Ottawa, Ontario
Department Research & Development
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced
Compensation 70,000+

Full Stack Developer 

Research & Development · Ottawa, Ontario 


DNSnetworks is looking for smart, driven, and hard-working developers to help us build out our next-generation tools. It takes all types of people to execute excellence. We are looking for a Full Stack Developer familiar with our technology stack. As a full stack developer, you should have a passion for innovative data solutions and be fluent in a variety of coding languages – we primarily use ES6 Node on Linux in the back end and JavaScript, React, CSS and HTML in the front end. You will have the opportunity to build new products from the ground up and ensure that we always deliver an enjoyable user experience 



  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience 
  • Experience building successful production software systems 
  • Strong passion for UX, UI, datawriting code and tests 
  • Experience with our front-end tools (ES6, React, Sass/SCSS, Grid, Flexbox) and our back-end tools (ES6 Node, Docker, Mongo, MySQL / PostgreSQL) 
  • Strong knowledge and use of Git, merging, branching, rebasing 
  • Experience with VSCode, prettier, eslint and attendant extensions 
  • Fundamental knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS protocols, fetch API, JSON 
  • Extensive Linux command line experience, package management, nginx, node deployment, systemd 
  • Experience or interest in learning TypeScript 
  • Excellent technical communications with both technical and non-technical peers 


  • Ability to work under pressuremeet deadlines, interact with your team and communicate effectively 
  • Strong creative, design and problem-solving skills - comfortable with UI design, production techniques as well as developing and implementing new algorithms and transforming hard problems into solvable, maintainable code and APIs 
  • Experience developing cloud software services and an understanding of design for scalability, performance and reliability 
  • Experience defining, developing and maintaining web service APIs 


  • Our back-end systems need to be scalable and highly configurable in order to fit our customer’s various needs while emphasizing security, compliance and performance 
  • Our front-end products which are used to collect and display customer data and insights must have an emphasis on good UX and security 
  • DNS wants to use the right tool for the job so we give our technical team the discretion to use other tools that can improve the user experience 


  • After a phone interview, prospective candidates will have to perform an extensive technical test and provide references. Please represent your qualifications appropriately. 

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    Ottawa, Ontario
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    Research & Development
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